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Andrey Yanai

A 2012-13 fellow, Yanai interns at the Bank of Israel.

Prior to joining the fellows program Yanai served as a state attorney in the Fiscal Unit of the Prosecutor's Office in the Department of Justice, where he represented the state in civil litigation and law enforcement. Before that, Yanai interned with the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in the International Court of Justice in the Hague. He assisted judges of the Appeals Chamber and promoted public relations for Israel in the face of delegitimization efforts.

During his studies, Yanai was involved in the "Gal Project," a pro bono social initiative, and led a project aimed at improving transparency in the Planning and Construction Law. The project resulted in a bill, still pending in the Knesset, to improve information about planning municipal projects. After graduation, Yanai was a legal intern at the Office of the Attorney General of Israel.

In the military, Yanai served as a combat soldier in the Field Intelligence Corps.

While pursuing his joint degree in law and economics at Tel Aviv University, he was a research assistant for the current law school dean in the fields of law, history and economics. In addition Yanai participated in the exchange program at Cornell Law School.

Yanai currently works at the Bank of Israel.

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