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Taly Spiegel-Adar
Taly Spiegel-Adar

A 2012-13 fellow, Spiegel-Adar interns in the Environmental Protection Division of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

Prior to joining the fellows program, Spiegel-Adar worked as an environmental consultant for a private company, dealing mainly with green building, soil and water pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

During her studies, Spiegel-Adar worked as a research assistant in the Methodology and Economics Department in the Bank of Israel's Statistics Department. She focused on international macroeconomic research, mainly related to the bank's policy of intervention in the foreign currency market.

In the military, Spiegel-Adar served in the spokesperson unit, working with the Israeli media.

Spiegel-Adar volunteers as a group facilitator at the Rape Crisis Center of Jerusalem. Previously she was a group facilitator in Gesher, an association that bridges the gaps in Israeli society. Prior to her military service, she volunteered for a year of service as a tour guide.

Spiegel-Adar holds a B.Sc. magna cum laude in economics and environmental studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Spiegel-Adar currently works at the Budget division at the Jerusalem Municipality.

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