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The Milken Institute Fellows Program is the only program in Israel that presents outstanding university graduates with the unique opportunity to explore market-based solutions to the social, environmental, economic and business policy challenges Israel is facing, while interning at the heart of Israeli decision-making and training with leading academics and professionals.

Dedicated to the Milken Institute's "research to results" philosophy and belief in democratizing access to capital, we seek to promote Israel's economic growth through policy innovations, applied research and financial technology transfer.

Our Israel-focused, approachable and action-oriented research, combined with our fellows' support of Israel's leading policymakers, help improve government policy, develop local economic and financial models, and ease pressing economic and social challenges. The program provides the administration with premium human capital while exposing the fellows to a once-in-a-lifetime career and learning opportunity.

The internship allows fellows to experience policy in the making, which helps them develop more effective tools, concepts and solutions in their research and gain valuable skills for young professionals. Fellows also collect data that is not available in classic academic research or partisan position papers. In some cases, our fellows' papers are the only research on a local topic or the only source in Hebrew.

The fellows' intensive training includes an opening week workshop, an academic course taught by the Milken Institute at the Hebrew University Jerusalem School of Business Administration, weekly training seminars and individual work with a research supervisor. They also intern four days a week with governmental entities, among them the Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor; Bank of Israel; Ministry of Transportation; Ministry of Environmental Protection; and Israel Securities Authority.

Many of our graduates move on to careers in the public service, often in the ministries where they interned. Others pursue doctoral degrees at Israeli and internationally renowned universities. We believe the program's alumni will be tomorrow's leading policy analysts, researchers, directors and decision-makers. Read what our fellows say about the program experience.

The Milken Institute Fellows Program is nonpartisan and publicly supported by many foundations and individuals. It is managed by the Milken Institute Israel Center.

We hope you will explore our selection process, examine the unique academic and hands-on training system we have developed and review the fellows research.

We welcome your ideas and support.

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